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The robot Olymics are on the way

At some point in the future, there will be a robot Olympics

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Genius often arrives from the most unusual of sources

Genius often arrives from the most unexpected of places.
Prepare to be dazzled.

#XCLAIM the news

#XClaim the news. First to the news that matters

One point of view does not show the whole picture. Perspective is everything #XCLAIM the news.
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XClaimit.io is in stealth mode #XClaim

The biggest thing to hit the news industry is on the horizon.

There have been 3 global revolutions. The agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and the information age. The next global revolution that will overhaul society is artificial intelligence.

http://XClaimit.io plans on leading the way.

XClaimit offers Ai cognitive news alerts & insights to keep you ahead of […]

Boston dynamics

Those guys at Boston Dynamics are continuing to break the boundaries

Check out the video at https://twitter.com/UKDK2/status/1140367515329204227

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Six degrees of separation

We are all connected.  Sometimes we are closely connected, sometimes we have crossed paths in the distant past, and on other occasions we have no recollection of ever having met at all. In most instances we haven’t directly met. However, at some point we are all connected to each other, and that relationship is often […]

Keeping up with the Droneses

Why is everybody suddenly talking about drones? Where did they suddenly spring from and what will they do to our social fabric? Will they have an adverse effect with those that we live amongst and is there a way to prevent any negative results?

It wasn’t that long ago when we peered over the proverbial garden […]

How big data will affect marketing

There are many buzz terms floating around at this moment in time; The Internet of Things, virtual reality, wearable tech and last but not least big data, or should I say, BIG DATA.
So what is big data? Is it just another buzzword or is it something that is going to change our lives?

What is big data
There […]

Office 2016 Public preview available

Microsoft have released a preview of Office 2016 here.

The big advancements appear to be in collaboration, smarter application ways of working, greater data analysis and compliance.

Particularly exciting is the progression with data integration and inclusion with business intelligence technologies, taking the product more and more from a stand-alone application to one that integrates smoothly with […]

What exactly is a #hashtag?