Instinct is innovation without thinking

Animals don’t think too much about innovation. They don’t spend their days pondering how to improve their lives or how they can make their retirement a little less stressful.

They don’t do things so that they can take holidays or buy the latest gadget. They do it out of necessity. They do it to improve their lives and give their daily routine an element of luxury that they otherwise wouldn’t have. They do it so that they can protect themselves from predators. They do it so that they can feed themselves and feed those that rely on them. They don’t think too much about why, when or how. They just do it.


Animals and creatures do amazing things

Mixing animals

We often consider animals to be inferior to humans, yet they are often capable of doing things that we aren’t able to do, despite our immense relative perceived level of intellect. Ants can pull 160,000 times their body weight and fleas can jump 100 times their height. If humans could do this, we would be able to jump over 120m high buildings and lift trucks without breaking a sweat. If we could run as fast as a cheetah and swim like a dolphin then we could achieve amazing things. We could talk about the advantages of flight, a thing that birds seem to achieve with ease, but I think the point is already pretty clear. Humans struggle to achieve what many animals seem to do effortlessly in so many ways. If all the amazing qualities that all animals possessed could be bound into a single entity, than that thing would be amazing. It would be immensely intelligent, amazingly quick, a fantastic builder, an amazing swimmer and it would fly gracefully.

So why can’t we do the things animals do?

We can!

Anatomically we possess different physical attributes that restrict us from replicating the behaviour of many reptiles and amphibians, but we make up for this with our great ability to simulate their behaviour.

We achieve this using technology and innovation. We do this by turning basic ideas into innovative solutions that are amazing and spectacular. This conversion of ideas into physical solutions allows us to fly further and quicker than any animal. We manage to explore outer space and build incredible structures that rise higher than the clouds.

Dubai - buildings and technology

What can humans learn from this?

Humans are already learning from the behaviour of animals. Many of our greatest inventions and innovations are based on the behaviour of tiny creatures and the nature in which they live. If technologists and innovators focus on nature they can truly replicate the amazing things that already surround us.

We already use technology to simulate the amazing things that nature shows us every day. The incredible things that happen in front of us, often without us even noticing.

This inspired UKDK to base the new website on a simple walk on a beach. It shows how we could find basic objects, and use creative methods to turn them into innovative solutions. We didn’t want to simply get images from an image repository, content from wikipedia and create an attractive but elementary website. We wanted to use technology to show how simple ideas can be interesting and thought-provoking.

The new UKDK website –

The new website shows how natural objects can inspire innovation, and that potential solutions to daily challenges are all around us. The solution is often more simple than it often appears, if tackled in a structured, planned and innovative manner

UKDK website snapshot
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