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Social media and social channels

Social media strategy

Social strategy works best when it is implemented as part of your brand and identity.  There is no single solution that works for everybody.

For the best results, your social strategy needs to consider brand, identity, your goals, your principles and of course the services and products that you provide.  It needs to be an integrated part of your business, and a deep understanding of your business. There is no single solution residing in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or any of the other channels that are available.

Your digital marketing strategy should never be a series of check boxes consisting of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per click,  link building etc.  It works best when it integrates with a broader internet and web strategy that fits seamlessly with the technologies and applications that you use.

UKDK can provide you with a strategy document, with options available and recommendations if requested.

Business Training

Training – Corporate and individual

Providing a unified social strategy across a company can be a daunting task.   Ensuring that the correct message is being provided across an organization can be quite a difficult thing to achieve.

We can provide training on social strategy, as well as specific training in the individual social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  This training can form part of a broader strategy that includes individual and company goals.


Brand and identity strategy

For the best results, your brand and identity works best when it is integrated with your social strategy, website and internal technologies.  Alongside this, it needs to work with who you are, what you want to be, and how you want to get there.

It should act as one major cog in your overall machine, but it is maybe the most important one of all.  All too often identity and brand are treated in isolation, and in this day and age, that doesn’tproduce the best results.

UKDK2 can provide a brand audit, options to present, and a designed process to make your business more attractive and give clarity to your goals.  When it is integrated with the bigger picture, rather than treated in isolation, you will find that the results are far greater, and the difference is much broader.

You may be surprised of the transformation that we can assist you with.

Digital and web strategy

Digital and website consulting

Almost everything involves computer systems, the internet and technology of different kinds.  We have iPads, laptops and gadgets of various types used on a daily basis.  To add to this mix, we are on the dawn of a new era of wearable technology and the ‘internet of things‘, a term loosely implying that all of our gadgets and everyday items will start to talk and integrate with each other.

As with brand and identity, it is no longer adviseable to talk about any technology, solution or computer application in isolation.  An individual application may solve a particularly problem, but if it doesn’t become an integral part of the bigger system, it will almost definitely become a problem in itself.

UKDK2 are experts with digital and internet technologies.  We know about the conventional methods to supply human solutions that work, and we also know how to integrate solutions and technologies according to your requirements.

Entering new markets

Help entering new markets

There are many considerations when your organization seeks to enter a new market.  Despite the obvious matters such as language and law, there are also many technological items that need to be considered, if you wish to reach your intended audience.

Search engines work differently in different countries, multilingual websites may need to be considered and site optimization needs to occur taking localization issues into account.

UKDK2 have experience with working with multilingual websites both from a technological and a content perspective.

We can also reach targeted audiences using ‘off-the-shelf’ tools, our very own location and geospatial technologies, as well as bespoke applications if required.

Marketing campaigns

Targeted campaigns

To effectively target audiences, UKDK implement strategies according to the intended audience of customers, consumers or viewers. We do this using location techniques, but we can also pin-point audiences according to demographics, age, gender, habits and occupation.

A broad bombardment of the general public is not a cost effective way of gaining an audience.  We help you to target the exact people that relate to what your requirements are.

UKDK2 use technology to enhance these techniques and we have created bespoke applications internally as part of our Identiflier service.