Location and geospatial

Technologies used

UKDK2 specialise in providing strategic information where location matters.  This allows for much more specifically targeted campaigns, whether it be for an existing business trying to reach a broader audience , an organization entering a new market or region, or for the new release of a product or service.

We merge traditional digital marketing techniques with technologies and concepts  such as GIS, business intelligence and big data to achieve a much higher quality of targeting.  UKDK2 also provide social strategies that engage and interact with relevant audiences.

Our rangeof technology skills allows us to focus on specific demographics, locations and other key genres of market targeting.

Data formats

Data can be provided in many different formats depending on the specific requirement.  Sometimes a visual representation such as a chart is best, whilst on other occasions a report consisting of pure data is more appropriate. If location needs to be focussed upon, sometimes a map or a heat map is the best way to expose the results.  Heat maps show the data in terms of colour and can give a great overview of target areas.  Management sometimes prefer a dashboard, which shows a large collection of information summarised in a few visual items.

UKDK2 always try and provide metrics, so that the success of the new strategy can be measured.

Reports and information