Location intelligent applications

It’s not always the case that off-the-shelf applications can be bought that specifically fulfil your requirement.

In this case, an application or solution needs to be developed to meet these exact needs. When getting applications created, a small task can often taken a long period of time if it isn’t project managed by people who understand these technologies.

UKDK2 can create bespoke location intelligent applications that directly meet the needs of the customer, or if required, we can project management offshore teams in our network to do the work instead.  Amazing geospatial applications can be developed using a range of available technologies.

Audience targeting using location systems

Bombarding everybody with messages or e-mails can quickly be viewed as a kind of spam.

That is why UKDK2 use targeting techniques that reach specific audiences.  We use technology to target consumers or viewers according to various characteristics, and we use a mixture of social tools and other technologies to achieve this.

You may be surprised how it is possible to reach a specific market in a manner that doesn’t offend or appear as spam.

Targeted marketing

API programming

Most large social channels have an application programming interface, or API, that allows developers to interact with the data contained in them.  This applies to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and many more.

The same applies to mapping systems.  Google maps and Bing both have very advanced APIs that can be implemented to create amazing bespoke applications that integrate various technologies.

UKDK2 have created their own applications that integrate with these APIs, both social channels and geospatial mapping tools.

We are currently working on two applications that will be publicly  for social and geospatial customers.

Project management of offshore teams

The idea of dealing with teams in different countries may seem exciting at first, but a project can soon get bogged down with complications in understanding and getting a solution that complies with the requirement.

We accelerate the process by creating requirements specifications, and tracking resource, time, tasks and money using project plans.

The  preferred method of UKDK2  is to create a relatively complete requirements document at the beginning of the project, and then work in an agile, iterative manner with the suppliers and the customers to fulfil the requirement.  Our deep technological background and business skills allow us to talk to all parties in a language that they understand.

Project management
CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal

Content management systems

No single technology fits with all businesses.  It depends if databases are required, or online payments need to be taken, but generally, content management systems, or CMS, are a good match for most companies.

They allow business users to take more control of their own content and it means that every change to the website, for example, doesn’t require contacting a technical person.

UKDK2 can advise you on the best technology and system to use.  We can help draw the line between technical and business requirements and we can help optimize the content for search engines, and even more importantly, the viewing audience.

IT and software consulting

Solution architecture is vital for a modern business.  This means that although an individual tool or application may solve an individual need or requirement, it is vital that alll the pieces in your technological jigsaw fit together as best as is possible.

UKDK2 can advise on technologies, provide audits on your applications and technologies, and provide presentations that are meaningful to business and technical audiences.

When we provide any of our services, we always make sure that technology is considered and we can advise the customer with any questions concerning software.

Software and IT consulting


If you were to design and purchase the ideal system architecture for a business all at the same time, the systems would integrate seamlessly, everything would work well and all departments would work together harmoniously.  Unfortunately, in the real world, this is almost impossible to achieve.  Systems are purchased on a continuous basis by various departments and they often don’t integrate in the way that you would want them to.

This often means that you can have financial systems, HR, intranets, databases, CRM, CMS, ERP and GIS systems with their own data silos.  Your marketing and brand strategy often needs to use data from these different systems to act as a piece of the bigger picture.  Your strategy definitely requires a deep knowledge of technology such as hosting, response times and code optimization.

That’s where a company with IT expertise, like UKDK2 can help.

We not only know how to extract your data in an intelligent manner, but we can help join up your systems along the way.  UKDK2 can take boring data and make it exciting.  We can map and analyse your current position, and advise and report on the best options.

As well as innovative digital marketing techniques, we can programatically manipulate Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), ethically manipulate social networks and create geospatial applications.  If targeting matters to you, whether it is location, demographic or occupation, our mixture of skills and technologies will allow us to provide and implement a strategy that can potentially transform your business.


We like to keep our language simple and talk in terms that you understand.

The amount of acronyms and complex references in IT is blinding.  There’s ERP, GIS, CRM, CMS, DMZ, IP, LAN, WAN, XML, UAT, SLA, SOA, RGB, OS, OLAP, NTFS to name just a small fraction of the terms dropped every day in a typical IT department.  Then there are the web services, bespoke and generic apps, cloud computing, application service providers, methodologies such as agile, scrum and waterfall and literally thousands of terms that almost seem to form a language in their own right.

Then in digital marketing there is SEO, SEM, PPC, CPC, CPA, Impressions, Serp, PR, RSS, Meta

At UKDK2, we like to first listen to the customer and then assess the current position and the future requirement.  We have a clear strategy on how to present the options available and direct the customer according to their individual goals.  We always try and talk in a language that is easy to understand and gives clarity on the options and best way forward.  Projects include social, internet and brand strategies, managing offshore resources, or creating dedicated solutions when necessary.

We always aim to provide a high quality service, and we always treat the customer as a partner.

Connecting people