Our products


UKDK2 refer to all their identity, brand and marketing services and product as the Identiflier.

The Identiflier is a service that covers the following subjects:

  • Brand and identity strategy
  • Digital and website consulting
  • Social media and marketing strategy
  • Content management systems
  • Help entering new markets
  • Marketing campaigns

We also have a product for social channels and networks that is used internally by the UKDK2 team, and we are planning on providing it to the general public in the near future.


Otspotz is a term used for all UKDK2 services and products, where location is a vital consideration, whether it be local, regional, national or geospatial.  This encompasses the following:

  • Audience targeting using location systems
  • API programming – Social and/or mapping
  • Bespoke geospatial and location-based applications
  • Project managing offshore resources

UKDK2 is currently developing a bespoke application that merges geospatial technologies, social networks and big data, which will be at http://www.otspotz.com

We can also offer general IT and software consultancy services, such as software and technology audits.