3-Step Social Strategy for leaders (Individuals)

The future of business is digital. All businesses need to invest heavily in digital to avoid being left behind in the new era. In this age, it isn’t enough to solely have the best product, but also, to be able to tell your market about it through the new channels that have proliferated in use. It is vital that any modern business leader not only encourages these forms of communication, but also becomes involved in them on a personal level. UKDK2 can help with our customised, yet personal, ‘3-step plan for leaders’. There are separate plans for LinkedIn, Twitter and overall social strategy. We will help you build the company’s brand through management and create value for your business using social media channels.

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3-Step social strategy for leaders (LinkedIn)
3-Step social strategy for leaders (Twitter)

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Social strategy for business and corporate (Groups)

Social strategy works best when it is implemented as part of your brand and identity.  There is no single solution that works for everybody.

For the best results, your social strategy needs to consider brand, identity, your goals, your principles and of course the services and products that you provide.  It needs to be an integrated part of your business, and a deep understanding of your business. There is no single solution residing in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or any of the other channels that are available.

Your digital marketing strategy should never be a series of check boxes consisting of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per click,  link building etc.  It works best when it integrates with a broader internet and web strategy that fits seamlessly with the technologies and applications that you use.

UKDK2 can provide you with a strategy document, with options available and recommendations if requested.

Business Training

Training – Corporate and Individual

Providing a unified social strategy across a company can be a daunting task.   Ensuring that the correct message is being provided across an organization can be quite a difficult thing to achieve.

We can provide training on social strategy, as well as specific training in the individual social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and overall social strategy.  This training can form part of a broader strategy that includes individual and company goals.