Those guys at Boston Dynamics are continuing to break the boundaries

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#ArtificialIntelligence  #InnovatingCreativity is in stealth mode #XClaim is in stealth mode
The biggest thing to hit the news industry is on the horizon.
There have been 3 global revolutions. The agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and the information age. The next global revolution that will overhaul society is artificial intelligence.  plans on leading the way.

XClaimit offers Ai cognitive news alerts & insights to […]

Six degrees of separation

We are all connected.  Sometimes we are closely connected, sometimes we have crossed paths in the distant past, and on other occasions we have no recollection of ever having met at all. In most instances we haven’t directly met. However, at some point we are all connected to each other, and that relationship is often […]

What exactly is a #hashtag?

How nature inspires innovation

Responsive web design? What is it and will it affect you?

Have you checked how your website looks on mobile devices? If it’s responsive, you may well relax. If not, the time to act is NOW!

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It’s been coming for a long time, but the zero hour is approaching. Responsive web design makes your information easily readable across all […]